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5 Best Herbal Reds for Indian Skin

5 Best Herbal Reds for Indian Skin


Summers are here and as we dive into our closets and pull out the most tantalizing dresses – the romantic skirts and those figure-hugging silhouettes for an evening out it takes something more than that to complete the picture and make it stand out. A perfect, red stained pout, certainly.

A red lipstick may seem like a call to arms if you, like me, are the kind who prefers to stay nude (no, not in that sense) or make do with a simple, glossy, lip balm. But wait – it has its perks. The simple red lipstick is an upper in all senses, with researchers claiming that a dash of the colour makes wearers seem more confident and in control. You might have simply not found the right red tone lipstick for yourself – till now.

So, this is our in-house compilation of the top 5 red lipsticks for the Indian skin tone. And, as we at The Woman Company believe in only those products that have their own natural zing and deliver no harm – our list is totally herbal, safe and secure.

Coral Red and Classic Red by Zuii Organic


Coral Red by Zuii Organics
Coral Red


Shades of red lipstick from the home of Zuii Organic offer a bright pucker that can bring a moist sheen to your pout, without seeming too much. The Classic Red is perfect for a fair skin tone, while the range’s coral red is good for a light, wheatish skin tone. Both shades are creamy and highly pigmented, so they only require a light swipe.

For those not aware of Zuii Organic, the Australian cosmetic brand holds nature’s goodness close to its heart. The food grade products are made from flowers like Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile, without harmful parabens, petrochemicals, talc or any chemically hazardous components.

The Flora lipstick collection, from where we have chosen these shades, is crafted with beeswax, aloe vera juice and a mix of oils from sunflower, jojoba, geranium, orange peel and rose.


Blood Red from Organistick


Organistick blood red
Blood Red


Hailed as an all-natural lipstick solution, Organistick is made of shea butter, beeswax, carnauba wax, jojoba oil and castor oil. The lipper is moist but is easily consumed, requiring a touch-up as soon as possible.

C-Red is the first red shade of the bunch, a bridal colour with an orange undertone – the matte finish makes it easy to wear to other occasions as well. The next one is Blood red, perfect for Valentine’s Day date night, with the little black dress. You could also try a hand at Shade 5 (Madonna Red), a daytime red, with a pink undertone. Ready Red, a fuchsia pink undertone, this lipper has a matte finish too.

The colours are all good for a fair skin tone, though turn tricky on a warmer Indian skin tone. Others reds are Madonna Red, Orange Red, Crimson Red and Ready Red.

Crimson Red and Shanghai Red  by Lotus Herbals


Lotus Herbals
Crimson Red


The Lotus Herbals line offers two red lipstick shades for that indulgent pout – Crimson Red from the Pure Colours range and Shanghai Red from the Eco Stay Lip Colour range.

The Crimson Red is a sharp, bold variant of red which suits a lighter skin tone (especially in bright, indoor lighting) as compared to a warmer, dusky one. The colour has an orange undertone – though applying on top of a lip balm may cause it to bleed. It also transfers easily so your cups, glasses or morning meals may bear traces of it!

The Pure Colours range is moist, with claims of jojoba oil and aloe vera.

Looking for a bright, matte red lipstick, preferably herbal? Then try a hand at Shanghai Red – this time from the Eco Stay range of the Lotus Herbals brand. With a semi to full matte finish, the red lipstick is a darker red, perfect for a dusky skin tone. To get an opaque finish, you need more than two applications. Chapped lips are very visible with the lipstick formula, so applying a lip balm underneath is recommended.


Iris by Alima Pure


Paprika lip tint by Alima Pure


The velvet collection from herbal brand Alima Pure does not do a full-on red like the others mentioned here, but a drier, safer one (good for those who don’t believe in heading to the bright side). Iris, as it is named, is a mauve/brown based red, which differs in tint on warm and blue-toned skins.

They declare that their products don’t have parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, petroleum-bases, talc, phthalates or nanoparticles. They are not into animal testing and contribute a portion of their sales and 0% emissions towards a better planet.

That 70’s Red by Sugar


Sugar red
That 70’s Red


Though I can keep going on and on about Reds that I fawn over, my list of top herbal Red Lipsticks for the Indian skin tone needs to be clear pointers. Still, it’s hard to stop from mentioning Sugar Cosmetics, a find from the years when I had subscribed to mail order subscriptions, has a bright red (That 70s Red) which is more coral than brick, though thankfully without any orangey undertone.

Like, love or hate the list? Or have your own which should be here? Hint… Hint… the comments section below.

Written by Vidhi Maingi Gaur



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