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A Model’s Journey: From stage to backstage

A Model’s Journey: From stage to backstage

Remember that song ‘Chupke Chupke‘ sung by Pankaj Udhas? Or the Garden Vareli ad? or the Cadbury Ad with Sameer Soni?

If you were the TV watching types you would know I am referring to the one common factor in all of the above- the beautiful girl who was a part of all of the above campaigns –Rani or Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar was an iconic model and a face of many brands in the past like Garden Vareli, Wega, Cadbury’s to name a few. She was also a popular host of Channel V’s ‘BPL Oye’ and was seen in many music videos. In 2004, Rani moved away from modeling only to return in a new avatar.


In 2004, Rani moved away from modeling only to return in a new avatar. Rani completed her hair styling and make up course from Australia and worked there for some time as a stylist for couture fashion shows and adverts.  Inspired by Kevyn Aucoin, the renowned make artist Rani has an innovative approach to styling.

From stage to back stage, a top model turned stylist, Rani speaks to The Woman Company about makeup and her idea of it.

1.What is trending in make up for autumn/winter this year?

The trend is definitely be heading towards a more clean and fresh looking skin, groomed to minimalism. Some of the looks are:

  • Perfectly imperfect lips and same with the eyes
  • Soft smudged eyes to some really clean work on the eye
  • Soft rose stained cheeks
  1. What are the basic cosmetics a woman must have?

Skincare: A woman must carry a good cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer.

Makeup: Eyebrow pencil, masacra, concealer, cheekstain, lipstain/stick

  1. You have worked both as a model and a stylist. Do you think both are the two sides of the same coin?

I personally think they are totally different. Styling for me is to have a great eye for finer details in design and make up and I believe I have that.  Being educated and trained in it, helped me take my skills further ahead. I never took it for granted that I had faired a great deal in front of the camera and I would be ready to take it directly on styling. Having said that, the transition into styling was much smoother with the background of a model.

  1. Who do you think is your inspiration or whose make up styles do you like to watch out for?

I absolutely love the makeup and styling for Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra. Their teams have totally nailed their respective looks.

Rani at work


  1. What is the best and fuss free way to have a baby soft skin? And how does one take care of the skin in the monsoon?

I am a believer of the mantra – ‘less is more’. Keep your skin care as simple as you can and your skin will thank you for it. I personally like to get a face clean up done once in a month. Otherwise, I stick with a good cleanser and moisturiser.

  1. If you had the opportunity, how would you style- Aishwarya Rai for Cannes; Priyanka Chopra for her Hollywood TV shows and c) Sonam Kapoor for Paris Fashion week

Exactly as they were. Each one’s style statement is just perfect.

  1. If you just have 10 minutes to get ready for a party, how and what would your style be in terms of apparel, accessories and make up?

Black power dress, clutch, black heels and a statement watch with clean face with fresh nude makeup.

  1.  Three things that you think are essential for make up?

I’ll be greedy ask for a few more 🙂 Eyebrow pencil, masacra, concealer, cheekstain, lipstain/stick.

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