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Accentuate your looks with Accent Prime

Accentuate your looks with Accent Prime

‘If you can pinch it, we can shrink it’ – That’s a tall promise but Accent Prime by Alma Lasers India is not shying away and delivers what it says.

What: Review of Accent Prime by Alma Lasers India

Where: Dr. Sudha Vani’s Sri Skin and Cosmetology Centre

Cost: Starts at INR 8000


1. No pain

2. Non-invasive

3. No downtime – It is a lunchtime treatment (takes lesser time than a facial)

4. No Side Effects

Relaxed me after understanding the treatment

New India wants to look and feel good. Fitness and beauty go hand in hand. It takes a lot of effort and consistency to be fit. Beauty treatments on the other hand offered nowadays can be a quick fix for all your looking good needs and if you follow it up with exercise and balanced diet it can be a permanent feature of your personality.  This is true for Accent Prime by Alma Lasers India and I can vouch for that.

I strongly believe in growing (not ageing) gracefully and naturally. Hence, I am very skeptical about beauty treatments that have become run of the mill and are offered at every nook and corner. When I was invited for a review of Accent prime by Alma at Dr. Sudha’s clinic in Hyderabad I was a little apprehensive but when my friend and India’s leading lifestyle blogger Supriya told me about the treatment (she had already experienced it) I thought of giving it a try at least.

Dr. Sudha Vani’s Sri Skin and Cosmetology Centre 

Dr. Sudha’s (dermatologist, M.D.)  clinic is the first one in south India to offer Accent Prime by Alma Lasers India. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sudha you can sit easy and let her help and guide you towards a better looking you.  Located in the posh locality of Banjara Hills area in Hyderabad it has state of the art treatments for all your beauty needs.

Accent Prime – Lunchtime treatment: How does it work?

We also did a Facebook live session with Dr. Sudha Vani

On meeting Dr. Sudha and the team from Alma it became clear that the treatment is totally safe and pain free. Accent Prime works on the principle of Ultrasound Waves and Radio Frequency technology which is non-invasive and gives guaranteed results in less than an hour.  But obviously, all such treatments are meant to be supplements to your exercise routine and a well-balanced diet. There are no short cuts to good shape and a healthy you.

The ultrasound waves break the stubborn fat cells (subcutaneous fat) and radio frequency helps in body contouring. The broken fat cells are subsequently excreted from the body through your lymphatic system (read urine and sweat).

Not only that the use of both the technologies (Ultra Sound and Radio Frequency) helps in skin tightening, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation.

I experienced Accent Prime on my belly and the treatment was totally pain free in fact, I enjoyed it. Contouring was immediately visible after a 40-minute session and I was told fat reduction will be visibly noticeable within three weeks’ time and that I should increase my water intake so that it is easy to flush out fat cells from the body.

Also, these days my fitness schedule includes Zumba and swimming hence I am very positive about the effects of this treatment.

Accent Prime: Where does it work?

Practically, head to toe. Yes, Accent prime can be used on all areas of the body without any side effects. Dr. Sudha can guide you on the number of sittings required for the desired result.

Having said that, it is a fact that we need to take charge of our fitness to be beautiful naturally. Exercise and balanced diet have no substitute and the sooner we understand this the better for us.



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