Celebrating the joys of life

I believe in Angels…

I believe in Angels…

Life is a fairytale…

Yeah, that’s right! Life is a fairytale only if you believe in fairies. And you are the fairy in your life. So, believe.


How do you look at life as a woman? Challenging, at times, right?

Do you at times look back and think it was only yesterday that you were a little girl yourself playing with your favourite toys, running around carefree with your pals trying to catch that colourful butterfly, sitting in your papa’s lap and laughing with him, relishing food made by your mother and believing in your heart that she was the best cook in the whole world and listening to those fairytales and wondering if they were for real and falling asleep like a baby. Those are the best memories and you should cherish and be grateful to God for giving you such a beautiful life.


Even today life is just as beautiful; it’s just that your perspective at times is a little blurred due to this fast paced life. Today, you are all that your dad wanted you to be, all that your mom ever aspired to be, a human being that you wanted to be. You could be a super busy professional, a homemaker, a mother, a wife, a sister but also remember that you are a woman first and you owe this life to yourself as well.

Just for a moment, for your sake, pause and say thank you to yourself. Spend some time with yourself, in your company see how beautiful you are from inside as well. It takes a powerful personality to raise the next generation of humans; it takes a lot of compassion to be a soulmate and it takes a lot of vision to carve a niche for your own self.

So thank yourself for being you and remember that it’s just one life that you have; make the most of it for yourself as well­- Because only if you are, you can be.

The Woman Co is just a small, little dedication to you, the spirit in you – which I bow to.

The Woman Co is an enterprise that is straight from the heart. It is more than just a blog; it’s a blogzine that will talk about the ‘U’ in YOU.




















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