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The 'yellow' in my life: Marigold

The 'yellow' in my life: Marigold

Nature manifests itself in many ways and one of them is Marigold Naturals. Nature inspires me in more ways than one and when I saw these natural beauty products by Marigold I immediately got in touch with the co-founders, sister duo Aarti and Aditi.

Aarti and Aditi say that their inspiration behind Marigold natural products is the magic that happened in their mom and grandmom’s kitchen. I couldn’t agree more, I have seen how simple and daily use products from our own kitchen can work wonders and I swear by honey and curd which I use in more ways than one.

I remember when I was growing up I had a very sensitive skin, in fact still do but back in my college days I had so many pimples/acne for so many years that people would actually stop me in the market and suggest remedies. And such incidents happened quite frequently, I would listen to the person and then probably just shrug off knowing in my heart of hearts that nothing would resolve the acute acne I had.

Now that my daughters are going to be teenagers soon, I am really wary of the kind of products they would use. To my pleasant surprise, Marigold products are so mild that growing up kids can also use them.

Almond Blush with Yogurt

With homegrown products which are natural to the core, I can rest assured that my girls are getting nothing but the best. These products are hygienically processed and packed in lovely looking jars and small containers. Another thing that I quite like about the packing is that the product is full up to the brim of the container. The more, the merrier.


Jar full of Good stuff
The jars are full upto the top and have already used Almond Blush thrice and Forever Young once from these jars


In a chit chat with Aarti, co-founder, Marigold she said that Marigold is a wellness brand for both women and men inspiring them to look, live and feel their best. They have a range of products for health and beauty of skin and hair like scrubs, packs, and oils. Says Aditi, co-founder, Marigold that the promise behind their products is that they are 100% natural thus making them chemical free and safe to use for all skin types and for all age groups. Both the sisters fondly remember how everyone in the family would patronize their homemade facials, scrubs, and packs and how their friends would call their scrubs – miracle scrubs.

I have Almond Blush (Face Scrub), Apricot Sparkle (skin brightener), Forever Young (Anti-Ageing Face Pack) and Apricot Oil which could be added to all of the above depending on the skin type and weather.

Almond Blush (Face Scrub)


Almond Blush and Forever Young
Almond Blush Face Scrub and Forever Young Face Pack


It is a face scrub made of almonds as the name suggests, as the core ingredient.  I used some of this face scrub with some yogurt and applied it to my face and once it was semi dry I removed it gently by scrubbing in a circular motion and washed it off with water.

Result: My skin felt smooth and radiant with all the dead cells and whiteheads vanished from the surface. Plus point was that the skin did not feel stretchy and itchy after the scrub which usually happens as my skin is sensitive. Also as my skin is sensitive the skin on my face becomes red if the scrub is harsh and too grainy. While my skin did turn a bit red as I scrubbed but then the face pack which I applied later helped me soothe my skin.

My daughter who is 11 used this scrub on her nose as I could see some white heads on her nose and the result was soft and smooth skin. In her words, her nose felt smooth and the skin felt even.

Forever Young (Anti-Aging Face Pack)


Apricot Sparkle and Apricot Oil
Apricot Sparkle Face Brightener and Apricot Oil


I believe in aging gracefully and naturally, hence anti-ageing and the fancy products that come with the tag don’t entice me much, however when Aarti sent me a sample I reluctantly did give it a try. I believe that beauty comes from inside out and not the other way round but then to look and feel good such products do help.

In the case of this product, I mixed some portion of the powder with Rose Water and let it stand for a few minutes and then applied all over face and neck and let it dry. Once dry, I pat it wet and then scrubbed it off in a circular motion and splashed my face with water.

Result: The skin felt tight but not stretchy and it was super smooth like velvet. I am sure while the age cannot be reversed in numbers but products like these do help you fight the external factors like pollution, dull skin and dead cells which in turn make you look pale.

As it is summers now I preferred using rose water but when the weather gets cooler and drier I would try the face pack with Apricot oil.




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