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Your perfect dining partner

Your perfect dining partner

What is furniture to you? A commodity? Well. I don’t think so. A piece of furniture is an extension of your personality.

It is an addition to your home that is going to stay with you for a long time (usually that is the case in India where we still believe in wooden furniture rather than the engineered wood types that don’t last that long) so the decision of picking up the right match is crucial.


set 1
A 6 seater dining table set with bench


Having moved to Hyderabad recently, I was looking for a dining table. Now I am not an impulsive buyer and if whatever I buy has to stay with me for years (in this case dining table) then I am over cautious. The deal has to be perfect – price, quality, and looks, a balance of all three is necessary for me to swipe my card.

I surfed through various sites but I somehow knew that I will find my kind of dining table only at Saraf Furniture, reason being I have bought a double bed, a sofa set with centre table and a rocking chair from Saraf Furniture, all in a span of three years. This only proves that the quality and price is consistent which makes me a repeat customer and a very happy one at that.

While dining table and double bed are here in Hyderabad, the sofa set and the centre table sits pretty in our house in Delhi. I am also eyeing a very interesting centre table that doubles up as a bar and soon you will see my Instagram flooded with pictures of the new addition to my drawing room. Living in an apartment you have to devise ways to save on space and yet have everything that is needed for a lifestyle that you desire, isn’t it?

Coming back to the dining table that I am so in love with; the dining table is handcrafted from Indian Sheesham which is a medium hardwood rich in character.  You can identify a real sheesham wood furniture by looking at the following characteristics:

Table Top

There would be differences in the wood grain appearance which is a natural effect created as the tree grows. The older the tree the thicker and clearer grain patterns.

  1. There is random pigmentation throughout the furniture.
  2. You would find knotting in sheesham wood which is known as the finger print of natural wood which is why every piece is unique and no two pieces of wood are same unlike the factory produced veneered or laminated furniture.
  3. Pin markings are also a distinguishing feature of handcrafted furniture. These markings will appear wherever the craftsman requires additional bonding and support. In fact, it adds to the look of the furniture and you will notice that is a common characteristic in antique furniture.

Saraf Furniture has many beautiful, contemporary, minimalistic and antique looking designs in the dining table category and in fact, a lot of options had me spoilt for choice hence I took a long time deciding. Initially, we were looking for a dining table set for four as we are a family of four and thought that it would be a good idea to have a compact and sturdy dining table. But when I saw the Jaipur Dining Table set with a bench I had other plans. This antique looking dining table with four chairs and a bench is what I was looking for.  The table is a perfect size and height with all the four corners decorated with a clamp sort of thing which doubles up as a nut bolt for the legs of the table and similar matching clamps are put on the chairs and the bench too.  This clamp is in wrought iron finish and gives a royal and antique touch to the entire set.

bench close up

The legs of the table and the bench are of course matching and really sturdy which makes the entire set look durable . The chairs too are comfortable with more sitting area than the usual chairs and the curve at the back of these chairs is without any joint which means this is carved, in fact I am writing this blog post sitting on this dining table. The bench doubles up as a sitting component for the dining area as well as the living room depending on where you are facing. So if you have guests pouring or a party planned a bench will definitely serve more than its purpose and will be the talking point as I am sure it will bring back those school memories that everyone so cherishes.

You can order your furniture online at Saraf Furniture and then rest in peace as they give home delivery with free assembly and lifetime warranty on their sheesham wood furniture and they sell only sheesham wood. You can also choose the kind of finish you want for your piece of furniture. I chose honey finish for the Jaipur Dining Table Set that I bought and I think it looks superb.

So coming over for a cup of coffee?

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